KB Duo featuring Annamarie: 1st Set
I'll be Seeing You      (K&A Arrangement)  
At Last      (Etta James)
Trust in Me      (Etta James)  
Unforgettable      (Nat & Natile Cole)  
Sweet Dreams      (Patsy Cline)  
Don't Know Why      (Norah Jones)  
Sunday Kind of Love      (Etta James)  
People are always asking us to record a CD of the material we play every weekend, well here it is!  This is our first CD of songs by some of the greatest artists and composers of all time. The "1st Set" features Annamarie and Ken performing many of the classics that they perform live. This CD consists of songs you might hear during the first set of the evening (hence the title), cocktail/dinner music. 
The twelve classic tracks on the CD are...

1) At Last 2) I Fall To Pieces 3) I'll Be Seeing You 4) Don't Know Why 5) Unforgettable 6) If You Got Leaving On Your Mind 7) End Of The World 8) From This Moment 9) Sunday Kind Of Love 10) Crazy 11) Trust In Me  12) Sweet Dreams.
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yes...know - 2016    
Back To The Beach  
That's What  
EZ Pass  
Swing for the Fences  
James Bond Don't Play  
Sharknado Suite  
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Girl Gone Wild - 2007    
Girl Gone Wild  
Feed the Need
Love and Learn  
Mi Faccia Vedere  
The fourth CD of original music from the Philly based Ken Battista Band is by far their most adventurous, energetic and edgy album to date.  GGW is a much closer representation to the KBB live performance than previous releases.  All four band members are featured vocally.  Guitarist, Juan Kamuca gets things rolling right out of the chute singing the driving, in your face, horn laced title track, “Girl Gone Wild”. KBB Diva, Anna Silvestera follows up with the soulful Amy Winehouse inspired  “Safeword”.  Ken sings the British Invasion flavored “Sleep On It” and the “Police-ish”, “If I Knew Then”.  Drummer Dave Ross is featured on track 4 singing a blue-eyed soul rendition of Ken’s “Love and Learn”. Battista’s salute to Santana is evident in the  instrumental “Mi Faccia Vedere”, complete with jamming Latin percussion, Organ, Horns, screaming Guitar, and slapping Bass.  Old school Fusion at it’s best. Plenty more highlights on this new CD include a remix of “Red Carpet”  (from the “Forget To Remember” CD),  “Everything” a soulful ballad featuring Anna and the pure funk and horns of  “Feed The Need”.
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Forget to Remember - 2006
Anna Silvestera
Forget to Remember  
Walk On By
A Love Like This  
Winner of the 2006 UK songwriting contest, Jazz / Blues category
Ms. Silvestera's new CD features 10 original songs written for her by co-producer and band mate Ken Battista. Anna's powerful and heartfelt vocals have many compairing her to "a young Mariah Carey."

Anna is backed up by The Ken Battista Band. Thanks also goes out to good friends Chico Huff and Tony Vattimo for their musical contributions to this project.

TAXI, the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company had this to say…
Soulful vocal, great range, dynamics with a classic R&B feel. Ultimately, this really sounds classic & timeless. Vocals are the highlight here, evokes a young  Mariah.  Anna has the  ability to cross over into different genres a la Mariah,  Adult Contemporary, R&B, Pop, Jazz, etc.

Forget To Remember is a terrific song and an excellent presentation. I feel this is one of the stronger, better-crafted songs that have come  down the pike here in a long while. Not only is the song excellent, so is the vocal performance, the arrangement, production and recording.
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Foolish Dreams - 2011    
Everything Reminds Me Of You
I Found The Truth In You  
“Foolish Dreams” is a self imposed project and humble attempt to write new songs in the old school, Tin Pan Alley era Jazz standard style of the 40s and 50s. Drawing inspiration from Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, Antonio Carlos Jobim and The Four Freshmen to complete this nostalgic vibe. “They don’t write them like they use to”, but if they did, they might sound something like “Foolish Dreams”.
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Exaggerated Startle Reflex - 2010    
Broken Heart Bypass  
Anything Goes
Portrait Of Jaco  
Surreal  (Featuring Annamarie)  
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No More Wishin - 1999    
No More Wishin  
The Spark
Locked Up  
Solid White Eye  
Lonely Gondolier  
Battista's debut CD "No More Wishin," is full of silky vocal harmonies, great  melodies, smooth sax, all mixed into a superior production. Buy your copy today.
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Whatever it Takes - 2004    
Whatever It Takes
Hard To Find  
Bossa Nova Girl  
"Whatever It Takes" features eleven original songs including "Centralia". A song that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC filmed Ken performing on location for a documentary about mine fires. Battista's haunting ballad appears on many Centralia websites in addition to The United Mine Rescue Association website.